Francis Chan and David Platt Working Together

Francis Chan and David Platt have made quite a stir in the American church with their books Radical and Crazy Love. Now these passionate believers are coming together to work on a crazy and radical project for free.

“[It’s] a discipleship project I am creating with David Platt,” said Chan. “We have both been deeply concerned with the fact that so few who attend church services are obeying the great commission and making disciples.”

Besides working on new projects, Chan is active moving around from city to country to city again. He currently is living in San Francisco undergoing several speaking engagements at churches around the U.S. In his blog, Chan states that he feels God is calling him to care for the 200 unwanted kids in his city.

Platt, likewise, is on the move currently preaching the Gospel in India. He recently showed up in a video this month giving insight on Rob Bell’s new book. Platt says that Bell is teaching universalism and believes Bell’s book is dangerous to the Gospel.

Although Chan has not made any statement regarding Bell’s book, both of these men seemingly are on the same level. According to Chan, him and Platt are “creating a free resource” that would equip believers to make disciples.

Chan says, “I believe deeply that the future of the church in America depends largely in all believers doing the work of discipleship and placing less of a burden on paid staff.”

Source: FrancisChan.org

Update: Chan and Platt are Preparing to Spearhead a Movement of Discipleship

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). These were the words Jesus commanded to his 11 students before he ascended into heaven, and they still ring true today.

According to Chan “A Discipleship Tool” is in the works with Platt, which I personally believe will be the biggest challenge to the American Church today. Ever since large buildings and social events were implemented in the church, Christians have become sheltered in comfort.

No scriptural substance for sanctification has left the majority of the church hungry for something more. This hunger is a result of a neglected mission, The Great Commission. If calling yourself a Christian doesn’t involve being a student of Jesus and His word, then your probably not going to be concerned with discipleship.

Chan puts it this way, “I believe the greatest need in the American church is for all who call themselves “Christian” to be out baptizing and making disciples,” (Francis Chan Updates).

He is right. Discipleship centers on the purpose of the gospel. The church preaches the gospel, right? If so, then it will equip Christians to go forth into other cultures, nations and make disciples. A Christian’s priority shouldn’t merely be going out and inviting friends or family to their church conferences, events and services. If they are filled with the Spirit of God then their priority should be going out into the world and making disciples of all nations.

Comfort over the commission of Christ is a desperate plea for believers to step up boldly and make changes. If the church you attend is more concern with building structures then building disciples then their is a problem. “For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples,” (Isaiah 56:7).

Platt has also been on this same level as Chan. He was recently quoted in an interview saying “there’s really a church culture that has been built on entertaining and comforting ourselves, when the central message of Christianity is about abandoning ourselves.”

It is really great believers, like Chan and Platt, are stepping up and providing their spiritual gifts to the church for equipping of the Great Commission. It is also great news to hear they are doing it for free.


9 comments on “Francis Chan and David Platt Working Together

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  2. Yes, hope this gets out soon…Yes, glad Chan was encouraging to you…amazing!


  3. My hysband and I were very blessed to have heard Mr. Chan speak at our church, Alongside Ministries in Phoenix, AZ on Oct. 16. He is a joy and delight to listen to yet he challenges you to tap into God’s CRAZY LOVE for you. We were also challenged also to put feet and hands to the type of discipleship and obedience laid out in the Great Commission. Excited to see City Impact grow and prosper under the mighty right-hand of God. Be Blessed!


  4. when will this be ready?


  5. It is refreshing to hear these two men wanting to creating free resources to help Christians in their dicipleship efforts. Thanks guys


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  7. […] to Chan “A Discipleship Tool” is in the works, which I personally believe will be the biggest challenge to the American […]


  8. We’ll see what’s in store ….


  9. Freely you have received. Freely give.
    I would like to be included in their discipleship project.


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