Pastors Oppose David Platt’s Stance on Money


A push for bigger buildings and budgets can leave many wondering if business plans are more important then the Church’s mission. This issue was debated in the Elephant Room Conference session with megachurch pastors David Platt, Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald.

The point of the conference was to have discussion on several controversial topics like church culture, building attendance, money, and much more. The $40,000 event moderated by Driscoll and MacDonald hosted other influential pastors like Greg Laurie, Matt Chandler, Steven Furtick, and Perry Noble. Although many criticized the amount of money used for the venue, plenty were happy that Platt was able to attend and speak boldly about current stewardship in church.

Platt, as many already know, is shepherd of the huge flock in Birmingham, Ala. He is also the writer of the book called Radical, which is an attempt to make the spreading of the gospel more important than the constructing of comfortable sanctuaries for Christians. This was the main argument for the young pastor when he was asked to share his thoughts on Church and money.

Despite the session being merely a conversation, it soon turned into a tag team match after Platt said that it is “dangerous and damning” for the Church to find more joy in money then in anything else. MacDonald and Driscoll seemed defensive and even implied that Platt was too young to know the way ministry works.

It was clear that Platt was not pleased with how the Church in his hometown used resources for “bigger, better things.” This possibly consisted of building projects and luxuries for in house ministries. Both Driscoll and MacDonald continued to push back saying Platt’s comments were promoting a poverty theology.

However, they missed the case Platt was making. He was simply saying that needs of the poor should be met before Christians think of reclining back on cozy new church seats or even of what snacks to serve the kids. There are real needs abroad, near and in the Church that need to be met, especially during this rough economic time.

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6 comments on “Pastors Oppose David Platt’s Stance on Money

  1. There is no such thing as a female pastor. Women are forbidden in scripture to be pastors. Read your Bible. Sad, Macdonald didnt oppose TD Jakes false teaching of the word of faith/prosperity gospel and his false modalist view of God that denies the trinity.


  2. I want to Know where the Femail Pastors Voice or are we not Allowed Avoice


  3. I like all of these guys to various degrees – but I will say that Platt was on the right side of this “debate” (in what other forum is it acceptable to be bullied by the moderator?). Hope he stays humble and sticks to his God-given instincts.


  4. Hey Duane,

    Yes, I’ll put another link on the post above. Glad to help.


  5. I recently listened to this account on Elephant in the Room. I’m wondering if you know of any response that has been published on the web? I am trying to form a balanced understanding of what is going on here, as someone interested in church planting.



  6. […] 3. Pastors Oppose David Platt’s Stance on Money […]


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