Weakening of the Presbyterian Denomination

Opening the closet for gays and lesbians to become ordained ministers has sparked a small outcry from churches. Leaders of the Presbyterian denomination have mixed emotions about the decision that took place in Minnesota.

The ban of homosexual clergy fell after a 205 to 56 vote. It is unclear why a vote was taken place, but one could say that politics played a part. Erwin Barron, a Presbyterian cleric, side swiped his denomination back in 2008 with his public stance on gay marriage.

Barron said that he would support same-sex marriage and even wrote an article siding with homosexuals. unknown to the church, Barron was living a secret life as a homosexual and finally came out when he married his partner. Immediately, he was investigated and placed before a Presbyterian council of three pastors and three elders.

The panel acquitted him with a 3-3 vote, thus they were unable to take away Barron’s clerical credentials. He is currently in San Fransisco teaching college courses. Although some wanted to appeal the decision, it seems unlikely now because of the recent vote to allow homosexuals in ministry.

What this decision has done is hurt the Presbyterian denomination, because it has implemented a constitution that is disobeying the views of Scripture. Put it this way, breaking away from the teachings of the Bible to follow the philosophy of man always weakens the church.

Since the decision, some Presbyterian ministers have vocalized their view by saying they will allow any one in their church services but will not allow homosexuals in church leadership. Those who want to ratify the amendment say it does not push for homosexuals to become ministers, but it opens the doors for equality.

This is a clash of biblical understanding. It seems like the majority in the denomination are in fear of what people like Barron would do or say about the church. Allowing gays and lesbians into ministry is one way of leveling out discrimination charges and even gives the opportunity for homosexual clergy to marry same-sex couples in the church.

It is a haunting decision that has crippled Minnesota and if states allow same-sex marriages this may cause a domino effect for all Presbyterian churches to find homosexual ministers.  

Sources: Presbyterian to Allow Gays to be Ordained & Presbyterian Rev. Erwin Barron


2 comments on “Weakening of the Presbyterian Denomination

  1. Yes, you are right, sad thing is I haven’t found to many outspoken churches on this issue. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places?


  2. Be blameless I believe is what Paul told Timothy about his ministry. I don’t see how a homosexual lifestyle will fulfill scripture. Rather I see that lifestyle leading into a seared conscience thus wrought with many perils. Repent is what I would tell homosexuals today
    if they desire to serve God with their whole heart, soul, and body.


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