Alabama’s Illegal Immigration Law Effects Everyone

Alabama’s Illegal Immigration Law Is Modern Day Racism

This year the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Arizona, because their illegal immigration law, Senate bill 1070 (SB 1070), was racist and unconstitutional. However, since then, many states have drafted similar bills with Georgia signing one and now Alabama’s Republican Gov. Robert Bentley following suit.

CNN has reported that Alabama’s bill is the nation’s “toughest” on illegal-immigration. I, on the other hand, feel it’s one of the lowest points in Alabama’s history since Birmingham. This may not be the same issue that Martin Luther King, Jr. faced 48 years ago, but it does bring flashbacks of injustice.

Let me remind you that it was King who said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” This is exactly what Alabama has done. They signed a bill that promotes racial profiling and discrimination against U.S. citizens.

Alabama governor arrogantly signed a bill that threatens the freedom of every citizen. A recent LATimes article took a closer look into the law, and reported that the law prohibits so-called “illegal-immigrants” from attending college, applying for a job and renting a place to stay. It essentially, says okay if your here illegally then your not going to be welcomed, and also were not going to take your money, your ideas are worthless and don’t even bother working here .

This is disatorus, because it will divide familes and friends. But how could we, a land of liberty and justice for all, allow such a shameful law to pass. When in the history of American legislation have we every allowed a law to treat people like this? Unfortunately, it has happen many times, and one example would be during 1954 when President Dwight Eisenhower signed into law “Operation Wetback.”

The operation saw over 80,000 Mexicans seized and deported to Mexico with many of them being natural born citizens. Later on, the Federal government agreed that this was unconstitonal and made money payments to those who were illegally seized and sent to Mexico. The point of this was that it happened during an economic crisis, similar to todays recession. Have we learned anything? It’s apparant that Alabama has learned nothing from history.

Some may say racism is slowly dying, but reality is that this bill is only reviving racism. Undoubtedly, this not only goes against the principles of the nation, but it tells all immigrants and hopeful immigrants that America doesn’t want you here.


9 comments on “Alabama’s Illegal Immigration Law Effects Everyone

  1. A state full of morons. You can drive for hours before you find someone with teeth and a triple digit IQ. Cigarettes, Mountain Dew, junk food, guns and meth are the favorite hobbies and most valued traditions; these residents are some of the worst in all of the South in terms of higher education, culture and having an open mind. Bigots from Huntsville to Mobile, and Birmingham, the KKK capital of the South. So glad I moved from there; I don’t even go back to visit. Santa Cruz, California: the best! Anywhere in Alabama: a land of bigots, idiots, and hillbillies, the worst.


  2. I think the bigger issue here is that the police are given a broader amount of power to search, profile, detain and harass Mexicans and other people groups. The law clothes itself around the idea that it’s doing something to stop crime in America. However, what it really does it discrimnate and divide the country. Federal review is taking place soon.


  3. Can states enforce the law of the land?

    Good question for the Supremes.


  4. “The 10th Amendment says powers not delegated to the federal government “are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” ”

    The Constitution never mentions “immigration” but delegates the “naturalization” process to the federal government.

    Are they the same?


  5. Well, Constitutionally, this is a Federal issue to handle, and the way Alabama has stepped in (like Arizona) shows the lack of respect and disregard for the Constitution. It also shows their true colors and promotes racism and division. Bad law. Time for citizens and immigrants to speak up!


  6. Punish bad, reward good. Never reward illegal behavior unless you want more illegal behavior.


  7. This law was intended against Latino folks only, bible belt land should be called bigot belt land.


  8. The injustice is the fact that illegal immingrants are here and believe citezen rights should be theirs also . There is nothing wrong with immigration . Illegal immigrants have simply bypassd our existing laws , insulted our country and all immigrants whom have come here legally. Yesthe USA is a proud place for different cultures races etc ( it’s going to be great when nobody gives a damn what your skin color is ) . However the USA is no place for Illegal immigrants.


  9. Arizona is paying for their hatred. Fires are uncontrollably burning all over Arizona. I am sure immigrants
    are needed now to lend a helping hand. I say woe to Alabama and all other states that refuse to hear the commandment of God, “love your neighbor.” God is a God of justice and also visits wrath on iniquity and on those who break His law without remorse. In time, Alabama will reap what they sow.


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