Christian Assimilation?

I’m reading this book titled The World’s Religions Worldviews and Contemporary Issues, and page 198 touches on assimilation, which is a term used for a certain religious group (won’t mention who) that turned away from their religion and or traditions in attempt to blend into the larger culture.

In addition, they not only turn away from tradition but also marry outside their religion, fail to raise their children in the way of their faith and simply fade away from the community of likeminded fundamentalists. In a odd way, I pictured modern day Christianity being placed into this sphere of assimilation, where  by modern day churches abandon their strive for holiness. As a result, they assimilate to the influence of the world rather then working on sanctification from worldly influence.

Furthermore, Christians marry non-believers failing to adopt Godly principles in the home such as raising their kids in the way of the Lord. Public schools should not raise our children, God’s word should be used to instruct our children in the way they should go. Husbands are fading away from the command to love and honor their wives as Christ loved the Church. Being head of the household no longer means washing your wife with the word of God to present her as a pure and holy bride, rather it means abusing her spiritually mentally and physically to get her to submit to your so-called authority!

In 1 Timothy, Paul writes that the church is the house of God (1 Timothy 3:15)! Many churches today seem more like a house of entertainment then a pillar and foundation of truth! If the church is the house of God then why is it that God’s words are so scarce among many prominent pastors who give their weekly sermons which are filled with jokes and stories rather then a reverence for God’s word.

In my opinion, many Christian churches are adopting this term assimilation by engaging in worldly entertainment. And you wonder why so many Christian marriages are failing if we don’t know how to conduct ourselves in God’s household, which is the church if the living God. Also, what makes you think we will be able to conduct ourselves in our own households? You want a revival ? It begins in the household of God! Instead we have churches assimilating more and more to the conformity of this world, which causes more Christian households to assimilate as well.

However, If the church would strive to rid herself from assimilation and conformity to this world then perhaps Christian America would look a bit different putting off the filthy rages of sin and putting on the full armor of Christ! We should seek to change our filthiness with cleanliness and what better way to do it then by clothing ourselves with the robe of righteousness.

Written by David Aguirre


5 comments on “Christian Assimilation?

  1. Praise God for His truth that shall remain for ever and ever. I pray that all who know the truth, God word will touch in agreement in prayer that for many Pastor / Churches that God will open their eyes, that they will see the deception with this assimilate in the house of God. And be heal and restore.


  2. kypolxh


  3. Your religion is based upon numerous assimilated religions from the cult of Horus through to paganism. Jesus becomes Joshua, Mary becomes a Virgin, December 25th becomes Jesus birthday, Immanuel becomes Jesus….there’s been a lot of changes in your imaginary friend club, why stress over how it’s marketed?


  4. James 4:4
    You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

    We should be seeking holiness rather than worldliness.


  5. The church should be the pillar of truth, great point


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