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Rapper The Ambassador Finds Hip-Hop Grace in New Christian label

Cross Movement Records pulled the plug on his music ministry about two years ago, but now, thanks to hip-hop grace, William Branch “The Ambassador” has found a new outlet.

The Warning Signs

Launching a new album is a great way to put the past behind him, but Ambassador still believes it is necessary to speak on his failures.  For Amabassador, this new music ministry is not just a way back into music but a confession and a story of grace.

The stroy begans when Ambassador became a victim of his own routine. He discusses the issues that lead to his demise in a recent interview.

Branch says, “I think I experienced a season of burn-out, which resulted in a blow-out. And there was a gradual wane. There was a slow and gradual diminishing of my joy, my peace, my confidence, eventually of my insights.”

He says during this time he “battled great depression, gradual and graphic spiritual deterioration.” Although on the outside Branch was doing his Christian duties, everything on the inside was screaming for help.

Done with the Games

Branch couldn’t make any excuses; he had to take full responsibility for his actions. He made it clear in a public letter released a year ago stating that  he alone sinned for getting involved in an extra-marital relationship.

To Ambassador, his wrongdoing came to a tipping point when he felt he couldn’t hide it anymore. In fact, he decided to quit rapping, quit preaching, and quit the whole show. Burned out and in need of surgical procedures, Branch quickly waved the white flag and surrendered.

His church immediately isolated him and everything went downhill from there.

“Before you know it, isolationism bred distrust, and distrust bred more friction,” he says. “It just got so bad that they sent me packing. Again, God had a reason for doing it that way, but I’m still looking for a brighter day, a day when God will bring some things full circle.”

Stop the Funeral Please

Soon after his local church departure, Branch teamed up with a church restoration team in his hometown of Philadelphia. Fortunately, he was reconciled back to his wife and family. God’s amazing grace and mercy would bring The Ambassador out of the pit of ashes.

It was during this time of spiritual surgery, that he also received a second chance from Xist Music, which would give him a second chance at doing a new music ministry. In fact, last month he released his first album under their label called Stop the Funeral.

“It’s sort of like a clean slate,” he says. “I’m just going to run in the lane of preaching by invitation, rapping by invitation and then seeing some of the vacancies that I can fill.  Also, I really want to write something, a book concerning this album. I’m jumping on that right now.”


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