Flat Hat Brim Saves Little League Pitcher’s Life

This is an amazing story to share. The incident happened during the Little League World Series at Lamade Stadium as the West took on the East.

Rhode Island’s lefty batter was deep into the count. After fouling many off-speed pitches, he finally jumped on a pitch he could handle. Soon after, the crowd went mute. As one can see in the video below, the ball ended up smashing the flat brim of Huntington Beach’s starting pitcher, Braydon Salzman.

It was quite a horrific scene to watch as Salzman was visibly shaken. The line-drive was just too fast for his reaction. Fortunately Salzman was not seriously injured. He got up and the crowd cheered and clapped.

The other good news is he stayed in the game and received the win. In fact, his team scored 11 runs and advanced to the winner’s bracket.

My reaction? I was worried that the ball hit the player directly in the head. Thankfully it was deflected by, of all things, his hat brim.

I don’t know how coaches and other players feel about styling a flat brim, but evidently it saved this kid’s life. Maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on flat brims now?


2 comments on “Flat Hat Brim Saves Little League Pitcher’s Life

  1. I do not like the flat brim, but if saved this player ware it


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