Breaking News: Patriot High School Parking Lot Shooting

Jurupa Valley deputies reported a shooting in the parking lot of Patriot High School this morning in which two non-student adults, man and a woman, were found on the ground next to a weapon.

The woman was immediately rushed to Riverside Community Hospital, but the man was pronounced dead on scene. Although the authorities are labeling this a possible murder-suicide, the campus has taken serious precautions. In fact, the authorities just held a campus wide lock-down to find any potential third party.

Update: The woman reportedly has died at the hospital. She was a teacher’s assistant (bilingual volunteer) at the high school, and the man was her husband. An investigation is underway to uncover motives for such a tragic incident.

More updates to come on TAB.


6 comments on “Breaking News: Patriot High School Parking Lot Shooting

  1. i was there at the scence when it happened and i want to say tramatizing it was horrid i cnt believe what he did to her she was one of the best employees ive talked to all i can say that was crazy forever in my heart and everybody elses my shout outs go to that school i once went to and her family.. R.I.P


  2. Thanks for sharing your comment Raymond. Prayers go out to the family and also to Patriot High School during their time of healing.


  3. My name is Raymond Garcia and im a softmore at patriot high school. its been a couple months since it happened and i witnessed it, but it crosses my mind every single day.. Its an experience that you never want to endure. It’s scaring, im sorry Aguirre family. i really am.


  4. Thank you for sharing your comments.


  5. god may forgive him for that man who chosed to do such a horrible thing
    no one by god has the power to take someones life
    by blessings to the family my little brother knew maria and he attends patriot high school


  6. bad sad news
    LORD please help the families that have lost their loved ones
    and the students and staff at Patriot to know that love is the answer
    for our troubles


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