Lack of Grace In Immigration Debate

Immigrant Brother In Christ May Be Deported

Reading countless stories of deportations has saddened me this Christmas season. Instead of hearing about joy, I hear the crying voice of injustice from thousands of men, women, and children who are separated and will never spend Christmas together.

Unlike the millions of Americans who will sing this season, many deportees will be weeping. This is not the picture many want to see this month, but we cannot be numb to the truth. One particular story I have come across is of a young man in Utah.

His name is Deyvid Morales, and he is facing criminal charges and may be deported soon. Morales has decided to speak up in his hometown of Salt Lake City and is now receiving national attention. Facing deportation himself, he supports a pathway to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants.

The saddest part of this story is that Morales was arrested heading to Bible College. This is not a likely place for a criminal to be headed. However, Morales is being charge as such, and sadly many self-professing Christians may find it perfectly fine to support this deportation.

I, on the other hand, find it disturbing to read about. I believe their argument comes from the popular political rhetoric which states, “We are a nation of laws.” Also, I have heard other Christians use Romans 13:5, which states that we are to “submit to authorities” and obey the law. Despite this, I think throwing out Bible verses which support your own view is dangerous.

Additionally, I think this debate needs more grace. Of all people, Christians should understand grace. Unfortunately, many Christians in America want them to go back without even offering a helping hand or understanding their point of view. Shame on us for not treating our immigrant Christians better. Also, shame on this country for breaking families apart.

It’s a reality that many immigrants come to America seeking an escape from famine, war, and poverty. Unfortunately, we want to send our brothers and sisters back to this same situation. I encourage all not to put their patriotism or nationality over the Word of God. We are all aliens in this land, our citizenship is in heaven and not in America.


3 comments on “Lack of Grace In Immigration Debate

  1. Mark, you have portrayed a very balanced view. Keep up the good writing. We will pray for Deyvid and hope that our LORD grants him much wisdom and strength.


  2. Thanks for the support. There needs to be more balance debate and conversation when it comes to immigration and other current issues. Also, thank you for liking the Facebook page.


  3. Great post Mark. I completely agree! There is definite lack of Grace and God’s Love in the country, and even more so in the hearts of those who use versus like those out of context for their own benefit or to spread their own under-developed views and un-Christ like beliefs.

    We, should certainly take up for our brothers and sisters who are in this predicament, but also pray for God’s revelation to our brothers and sisters who haven’t attained the understanding that the ultimate Law we are to follow if God’s Law which is the Law of Love.

    Thanks again for the post and look forward to reading more of your content. God Bless.

    Much Love and Success,

    Mr Henry Vargas


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