Love Truly Transcends


I am amazed by the revolutions which are spreading around the world. Even our nation continues to banner for change! However, does this generation really want economic and political change or are we seeking something else?

I believe this something else is truly a transcendent love. We may not see this love every time, but it is there. When hatred comes it is there. When division comes it is there. Even when we ignore love it is still there.

With every passing generation a newer generation becomes more aware of its fragrance. The smell brings hope for a better tomorrow, and the taste quenches the thirst for peace and justice. Hatred may come for a season, but ultimately love transcends.

Even in the chaos of financial trouble, love provides security. In the awkward, silent, and troubled times, love cares. In misery and confusion, love comforts. In weakness and oppression, love embraces.

It walks with its enemies and listens patiently. Sometimes it is silent but for the right reasons. Additionally, it has no boundaries and contains no borders but welcomes the stranger. In love there is no anarchy for its quest is not driven by wealth but by faithfulness.

Love continues from dawn until sunrise. Even time does not stop it! Instead time observes the mission of love and provides help to reach those who run from it. Sadly, I see many who are scared. They are afraid it will consume them. In fact, they live to escape it.

Beyond this mere failure is the failure to acknowledge it. Love cannot fade or be changed like a political ideology. It is not a trend. Rather it helps you live everyday. In the tough times, it will be there. In the hour of trail, it will be there.

Love provides a fresh of breath air to everyone. It revitalizes the sick and shatters the inner germ of racism and greed. In the end, It builds a bridge to all people, but many do not walk upon it. Their Infrastructures divorce the workers and separate into pieces. Revolutions come as a result.

Love, on the other hand, will hold together and never separate. In the worst of times it will continue in unity. Institutions will collapse and recessions will occur but love, along with those who walk on its path, will always transcend.


2 comments on “Love Truly Transcends

  1. Thanks Henry. Yes, I wanted to go deep on this post. Lol. Glad you liked it.


  2. Awesome post! It’s obvious you put some time into thinking about this post and the result is a great post full of truths about love.

    Looking forward to sharing this.


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