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Indie Spotlight: Mike Dreams

Hip-Hop’s Breathe of Fresh Air

Instead of a flashy image and explicit lyrics that shock and push the limits, Mike Dreams is taking hip-hop to a new level. His repertoire includes positive lyrics and a matching lifestyle, which he hopes will insight change for the next generation.

The hip-hop path less taken

Michael Hannah or rap name “Mike Dreams” has step in a new direction and is creating local buzz in his hometown of Minnesota. According to his blog, Mike began his path to the independent spotlight at the age of 9, where he began to write rhymes.

Soon he was performing at libraries, parks and churches. By 2007, he became an established amateur poet and even finished multiple mixtapes.

His career was taking off, and two years later he began working with an online hip-hop magazine.

The road to progression

In 2010, he released his independent debut album called “Dreamer’s Poetry.” Just months later he released a second independent album entitled “Just Waking Up.”

In an interview with CBS Minnesota, Mike was asked how he stays independent in light of a hip-hop scene where stereotypes are easy to fall into.

“There’s still so much to be accomplished and achieved,” he said. “Just to feel like you’re on the verge of that, and possibly at the helm of that, is something organic.”

Actions and not just words

Although many may think rappers spend their whole time making music, Mike insists that he doesn’t do that. In fact, he is actively involved in a non-profit organization, which helps the youth strive for global change.

He even took his involvement to the next level and co-founded a mini partnership with his organization. Mike describes this partnership as “a group of musical performers [who] travel to various elementary, middle and high schools.”

He says they also attend “youth conferences and correctional facilities, to perform as well as conduct workshops on creative expression to create positive change.”

New year but same Dreams

Mike devotes his current time to issues like stopping gang involvement, helping minorities receive better education, supporting immigration rights and being an advocate for Christianity.

As far as hip-hip, he hopes this year will be a time of enlightenment to those who have a negative view of his art form.

To back this up, he is releasing a new independent album called “Millenial,” which will come out this summer. His current single “We The Ones” is already posted, so take a listen.


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