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Tough Economy Continues to Hit Homeless Hard

Homeless Families May Experience Another Decrease in Welfare

California’s homeless are seeking help in local welfare programs, but this help could run out if Gov. Jerry Brown goes through with budget cuts.

According to LA Times, Brown “wants to reduce [welfare] by about $1 billion.” This cut is aimed specifically at CalWorks which is a government funded program that gives temporary assistance for needy families.

The amount they receive through similar welfare programs has already dropped from an average $560 to $490. This barely provides shelter let alone food for children.

Almost all of the CalWorks families were homeless before they received government assistance. If grants for welfare are cut it might send them back on the street without a home.

These families are hoping for an economic recovery. Unfortunately, the current job market continues to get harder for those who are homeless or on the edge of homelessness.

One caseworker, Glendena Stephens, has worked with welfare programs for 45 years and says she has never witness anything like this before.

Source: LA Times


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