Love Takes :: Spoken Word Typography

My First Ever Attempt At Visual Poetry

Falling head over heels
My head went through the wheel,
Crash, glass shattered everywhere.
Woke up, forgot about the past
Now you invaded where I’m at.
Here’s a fact, life, love, laugh, better-half
All characteristics of your attitude
True, love takes you to another altitude
Like your flying high, so high
Over those who try to flatter you.
Tricks of the trade, I might have a few
But my heart I’d rather give that to you.
So tell me, is you mine?
Here’s a text send a sign my way.
I know it’s not the best day
But your mind said yes, now you know it
That’s how the story unfolded.


3 comments on “Love Takes :: Spoken Word Typography

  1. It is very cool verbiage, keep it up


  2. It was my first attempt at making anything like this. Tried to be a little different, but glad you liked it.


  3. sooooo beautiful


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