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The Day A Van Ran Over My iPad

Few Dents and Scraps but My iPad is Still Working

It was a cloudy day with a possibility of rain. I dragged my feet while conversing with my mom. We traded our favorite quotes we just heard from a fiery preacher. Unfortunately, we couldn’t remember them, so we decided to awake our foggy memories with a hot Mexican breakfast.

It only took about a minute after leaving, when two loud thumps above us would change the course of the day. The thumps sounded like a hail storm. I looked at my mom and she had an “end of the age” look on her face. Immediately, I jerked my head towards the back window and saw my new silky iPad helplessly flying in mid-air.

At this moment, it seemed like somebody pushed the slow motion button. In my mind, I thought, “Oh no, this is the end!” My heart felt like it tipped over. It was a terrifying scene. All I could see was my iPad laying in the middle of the street like a scared kitten left to die.

As soon as the vehicle stopped. I jumped out and ran towards my iPad. It was one of the longest and hardest runs in my whole life. All those laps and sprints around the baseball field didn’t compare to this one.

Just as I began to take a step on the road, a stampede of gas fueled machines poked their heads out. They continued on my way speeding down the narrow path like a wild herd.

The sports car was the fastest and drove right over my iPad. Then another came and another one passed by heartlessly. My own heart continued to sink into my stomach. Then out of nowhere drove a faded gold van heading directly toward my neglected iPad. It was over!

Finally, the wild stampede subsided and fumes vanished into the air symbolic of my hope. I walked into the middle of the street with my head hanging low in defeat. I looked at my mom, as she stood far off. I bent down and picked up my iPad like I was picking up roadkill.

Again, I said thought to myself, “She had no chance. The van did a hit and run. Besides it was my fault for leaving her on the roof.”

To my surprise, my iPad’s screen was intact. Her body only had a tire mark, scraps and some dents. In shock, I ran to the sidewalk to avoid another stampede. Then I clicked the iPad on and guided my finger across the glossy screen.

She wasn’t the prettiest looking iPad, but she still worked. When I got home I cleaned her and finally realized something. She was giving a second chance.

Although she may never look the same again, I understood on this day the old saying: “It’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”


One comment on “The Day A Van Ran Over My iPad

  1. I hope some Apple rep reads this true story of how your ipad survived a seemingly fatal crash and sends you a new ipad-free!


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