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Breaking the Christian Rock Culture

Rocking out to Christian music is one of the easiest things to do nowadays. Flip to any station whether it’s Air 1, K-Love or the Fish, and what you hear is a blend of rock and alternative rock. But what if we broke this trend?

We all know music can penetrate the hearts, bring happiness or relax the most nervous person. Although it does give these feelings to society, it also can influence the culture, which is why I think more and more Christian subcultures are popping up.

Today, we have Christian hip-hop, rap, R&B and many other genres of music which cater towards different subcultures. Last year, I attended a Christian hip-hop concert in Los Angeles, and it actually felt good to hear different music.

Also, I remember in public high school hearing the different types of music vibrating through the speakers during baseball practice. This changed when I went to a Christian college, where rock or mesh of rock music dominated the airwaves.

Sadly, this happens at many Christian radio stations, which probably happens by design. Although many stations might not admit it, they do target a specific audience. In return this reaches a certain crowd but also markets to the right crowd.

Unfortunately, having one genre playing all day without considering other genres can hurt the culture. Think about it. If we look at our Christian playlists, how many of us would admit that we prefer rock to any other genre?

I’m afraid many Christians are stuck in the rock culture, because that’s all they know. But what if Christian radio stations broke this? If they did we would start to hear diverse genres, because everyone would be receiving the same airtime.

This may lose some big time sponsors, but it does show a more unified sound in which other companies can only dream of. Just think of how much more impact Christian stations would make?

I don’t hate Christian rock or even the stations that play this genre. I just wish we’d think beyond business for once. Instead of making the rock culture more popular, we should be thinking of new ways of bringing together different genres.

We can first start by breaking all forms of the mainstream Christian rock culture. So you think you’re willing to delete some rock songs off your iTunes? Maybe even add some different genres?


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