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Pastor Leaving A Megachurch Should Be Admired

Being a young hip megachurch pastor is just the “in-thing” nowadays. Yes it’s trendy in big American churches, but what happens when the pastor leaves his church? What if he leaves to another ministry?

Francis Chan, a former megachurch pastor from Simi Valley, decided to leave his church a while back. Unfortunately, many in the church criticized him for leaving.

Some said he was abandoning his flock, some said he he was burnt out, and some said he was plan nuts. Regardless of criticism, Chan still left and he had his reasons.

One of the reasons was that God was telling him to live more simply. At the time he was contemplating exodus, his church, Cornerstone, was about to embark on an expensive building project.

Everything seemed ready to go. However, Chan felt like the Scriptures were pleading with him to use the money more wisely. Chan not only cut budget at his church, but also in his life and in his family.

A conviction he carried for helping needy communities was also another reason he decided to sell his house and live for a short time in poorer areas in Asia.

After he soon returned to the states, he again felt a conviction to help the needy. As a result, He now leads a non-megachurch discipleship ministry in an urban city of San Francisco.

Leaving a megachurch for something like this should be admired and not rejected. Unfortunately, megachurches and even megachurch pastors continue to scoff at what they call Chan’s “leap of faith.”

Nonetheless, Chan is doing immense things without an immense budget. Instead of questioning him, churches should be admiring the idea of living out a biblical model of church.


One comment on “Pastor Leaving A Megachurch Should Be Admired

  1. Certainly Chan cannot be accused of being in the ministry for


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