Multiply Movement by Chan and Platt


Book or education fees for spiritual growth may seem annoying, but Francis Chan and David Platt are changing this stigma. Their method is revolutionary and their content is now available free online at MultiplyMovement.

A change is coming

It’s amazing what two guys, passionate about the body of Christ, can accomplish working together. With this material, they want to disciple average believers. In return, their only hope is to see more disciples.

This idea of free discipleship content is a great idea. Now ordinary believers can receive biblical teaching and truly know the hope that is within them. This is not to say the common church body doesn’t know anything. Thanks to the Internet, free information is readily available from churches like sermon podcasts, YouTube teachings, and other free material.

This content, including Chan and Platt’s Multiply, provides a platform to make disciples. Although sound biblical knowledge is starting to burst from the bubble of the wealthy, the need for teachers and leaders is still absent. Who will take the information available and guide the laity on a daily basis?

Taming the discipleship beast

Let’s face it, churches rely heavily on donations and offerings to continue their ministries. This causes pastors to write book after book on every little topic in Scripture (I think John MacArthur is writing one right now).

This isn’t a bad idea, in fact, material like this spread during the Church Reformation. Sparked by reformer Martin Luther, religious content became popular and saturated Germany. The writings became well read due to the printing press, which became the instrument of reform.

Likewise, it appears reformers like Chan and Platt are using the internet to reshape and build up the church in sound doctrine. The days of buying spiritual growth material from megachurch ministries or even attending Christian higher education may start to see a decline.

However, the need for disciples to step up may be the biggest challenge. Remember it’s not normal in this church culture to study biblical content and then try to teach it to others. Instead believers are more prone to following traditions set up by Christian Evangelical churches.


3 comments on “Multiply Movement by Chan and Platt

  1. This has been a similar burden that we have had with the free ebook we have released at: http://gospelfellowships.net


  2. Sounds like a simple and great idea, God bless them both 🙂


  3. Glad to hear Chan and Platt are collaborating.
    Also glad to hear that they care enough about the
    sheep to feed them without remuneration.


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