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Update on Riverside Baseball Prospects

A killjoy of any baseball organization is seeing one of their top prospects putting up inconsistent statistics. This is why Riverside’s Kyle Skipworth is being considered a “bust.” These are harsh words, but let’s face it these numbers aren’t impressing anybody, especially the Miami Marlins. Fortunately, Skipworth is only 22. This means he still has time to mature, but the clock is ticking.


There’s hope and happiness on the horizon for the Sand Diego Padres as one of their Riverside prospects, Matt Lollis, is being labeled ‘the next big thing.’ Sure he stands at a towering 6 foot 9 inches, but his rapid succession upwards in the minor leagues is more shocking.


Highlander’s “ace is set to move up at his own pace. Eddie Orozco is said to have turn down several chances to play professionally despite being a senior and in prime condition. Education and finishing up another year with his team are the deciding factors for this decision.

Update: Orozco was recently drafted by the Chicago Cubs. Read more


After two years in the NAIA and a very short season in the independent leagues, Riverside’s Adrian Bravo-Carmona is officially a member of Tamba Bay Rays’ organization. Bravo-Carmona received much of this attention during his two years with Mid-American Christian University.


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