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Former UCR Graduate Behind the ‘Dark Night Rises Massacre’

James Holmes, 24, is now in custody and is not speaking. However, many witnesses are speaking up about the shooting which took place in Colorado at the premiere of Dark Night Rises.

Some of the movie-goers explained how Holmes unleashed tear gas 15 minutes into the movie allegedly during a shooting scene. What happened next was described as random shooting and mass chaos.

One person described how people tried to leave, but the suspect fired on them. Sadly, the aftermath resulted in 12 killed and 59 injured including an infant of four months.

Immediately after the shooting, the suspect was arrested in his car parked near the movie theater. Reports say Holmes graduated from University of California Riverside in 2010 with a degree in neuroscience.

It’s also said that Holmes was in the process of withdrawing from the graduate program in Colorado. Students there said he kept to himself and people hardly noticed him.

His mom, however, made a statement to the news saying she knew in her “gut” that her son would do something like this.

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One comment on “Former UCR Graduate Behind the ‘Dark Night Rises Massacre’

  1. James Holmes: A genius no doubt but an evil genius.

    There are two outcomes in this world be Satan’s pawn or
    surrender your life to Jesus and become
    an instrument of peace and love. LORD bring justice
    to the families who have lost their loved ones.


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