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Immigration Policies Hurt Children

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Family is one of the most important fabrics of this country, but when it comes to enforcing immigration policies Americans often forget that real people with real families are affected by this, especially the children.

The LA Times recently did an editorial story in which they reported “some 5,000 children in more than 20 states were put in foster care after their parents were detained or deported by immigration authorities.”

This means thousands of children were striped from their parents and placed in America’s orphanage system where they end up becoming short term orphans by no fault of their own.

The article also points out how some are trying to combat the broken immigration system by writing a new bill called Help Separated Families Act of 2012. This bill makes it harder for immigration authorities to take away the parental rights of those detained.

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One comment on “Immigration Policies Hurt Children

  1. Amazing that a judge will steal a child from his Mother using a so called law, so much hatred for brown skin people. These rich authorities oppress the poor, taking their human rights away
    as parents. This Child needs to taken from its human kidnappers and return to its Mother.


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