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College Students Use Music to Spread Faith

The life of a college student is packed with projects, papers, and classes. It’s hard to find time to do anything else. Despite this, one independent group of college students are challenging the norm by making music and spreading their beliefs through it.

Mission possible

Today many people listen to hip-hop. The catchy and raw attitude of this genre attracts a crowd. Those of faith are even using it to spread their beliefs. Sadly, fame and money can drive these artists down a wrong road.

Jesus Music God Over Everything (JMGOE) is a record label trying to avoid any spiritual pitfalls by having a ministry mindset. Also, they desire not just to be Christian artists but to live like Christ.

The founder of the label, Isiah Hill, decided to make the group after becoming locally known as a beat maker. He even sold a few beats to independent artists. Eventually, he met Christian artists and added them to his newly formed music company.

One of the artists he met was co-founder, Bernard Woods. He connected with Hill at church and learned of his heart for music ministry. Soon both were collaborating. As a result, JMGOE was born.

The Jesus music team

Thor Lipscomb or better known a “Preach” is another much needed addition to the label. He joined JMGOE as a vice president and sound engineer after talking to Hill during a campus visit.

The label itself is still growing with a young and diverse set of artists. Two examples are Austin Wallace and Anthony Duvernay. They, likewise, are college rappers trying to spark change in this generation through music and their lives.

Wallace says that his main purpose for the music isn’t self-glorification. Instead he does it for those who are hurting or in need of a friend.

Duvernay also does it for a similar purpose. He says that he use to be like other rappers, but God put something else in his heart. Now he seeks to inspire and give people something they can better relate to.

Leap of faith

These students know they are young, but they can’t help but act out on faith. Their beliefs drive them, and their friendship fuels them. Dedication will only make their music break more boundaries.

Even though rapping about cars, sex, and money may be tempting for college students, these rappers are choosing to be molded by a different tune. They are currently touring private and public colleges praying they will live out God’s will by spreading Jesus.

Watch an interview with JMGOE on TAB Google Hangout


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