Well-Known Pastor Will Step Down

The fiery pastor and preacher John Piper, 66, will be stepping down from his pulpit next year due to an inability to lead his church.

This begs the question: Are older pastors out of touch with this generation or is this generation out of touch period? This might be a bit of a rhetorical question, but for Piper he believes it’s has to do with age.

Christian Post reported that he feels his old age will kept him from leading the flock correctly. This reasoning may be hard to swallow, especially for a superb teacher like Piper.

Maybe some in the leadership are pushing Piper to leave? No. Piper claims he isn’t doing this because he was forced out. So age must be the only reason.

To Piper his organizational and planning skills no longer provide energy like it did when he was younger. As a result, he will prepare a final sermon by 2013 and give up his pastoral position to a well-picked younger successor. 

This isn’t the end for Piper though. This decision will allow him to focus on his other passions more. In fact, he plans on teaching seminary students, writing, and serving as a chancellor for Bethlehem College.


2 comments on “Well-Known Pastor Will Step Down

  1. you mean stepping down
    It seems more like he is moving on.


  2. May the Lord bless guide his pathway and biless him


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