It’s All About Mike Trout

Photo by Bleacher Report

Fans like Mike Trout and players respect his game but for the media that’s another story. It seems sports commentators only respect the name of Bryce Harper.

Statistics obviously show Trout is the better player. Harper just fails when it comes to consistency. Yes he can hit the cover off the ball, but he also can slump pretty good too.

It’s even fair to say Harper’s mediocre days make Trout look like a veteran. So why is the media still flabbergasted by Harper? There are many speculations.

Some may say Harper has more potential for huge offensive numbers. Some may also like his intensity more. But what ever it is Trout fans can make the same case for their star player.

Take for instance the recent question I posted on Facebook. I simply asked who is the better player Trout or Harper? As l suspected all comments praised Trout. One comment said the following:

This doesn’t mean Harper is a bum. This just means he’s overhyped and maybe not ready yet. To speak bluntly, he has a mean swing but maybe too mean if you ask me. In comparison to Trout’s quick and level swing, Harper looks like a left-handed golfer.

Today pitchers are stronger, smarter, and faster. It’s essential for batters to remain quick with the hands and level with barrel. When harper is level and quick he can do some damage. Still, most of his swings are too long.

Pitchers are taking advantage of this, and the more they see Harper the more he will fail. The media also plays apart in this. They glorify those who can hit the long ball. Harper definitely can hit the long ball, but that shouldn’t define players.

Overall, Trout seems more mature and all around a better ball player right now. He is a couple of years older than Harper and played 40 games with the Angels last year. So he might have the slight advantage for now.

Who knows though if next year Harper has a break out season and Trout doesn’t. It’s just unwise to label him a complete flop. For now, Trout should take the spotlight.

He has earned it and is a solid contender for the American League MVP right along with Miguel Cabrera and Derek Jeter. He also will take home the Rookie of the Year Award. Something Harper can only dream about.


3 comments on “It’s All About Mike Trout

  1. Future Hall of Famer…


  2. Jeter sucks


  3. excellent reporting


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