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Be in Awe: A Response to the New Hubble Telescope Galaxy Photo

Photo credit by Time

Be in awe. Creation tells a story of a great Designer. There’s no randomness in this story only wisdom and awe. There are scientists who claim to know a better way.

Creation is the better way. God the Creator is the better way. He created the billions and billions of galaxies that are seen in the Hubble Telescople photo, which was released just recently.

The universe beyond

A 2012 article in Time is stating the photo is the farthest view of the universe yet. That’s awesome. Nasa calls it, “The history of galaxies…one remarkable image.”

This is creation. An awesome view to marvel and be in awe of a limitless Creator. One who is the beginning and the end. His creative nature extends farther then we think. Time’s article argues that the photo is 13.2 billion light years away. Or in other words, it gives proof of a 13.7 billion year old universe. 

This is where the line is drawn. First of all, we have no clue how exactly far these galaxies are. We can only estimate and predict. Also, the photo is spliced together with several hundred images over a course of years and many hours. It’s not a single snapshot.

We fail

Can we can gain any insight into the origin of life from this photo?

Yes, we can see that it points to a Creator. Although it doesn’t capture exactly what the galaxies look like, it should leave us in awe. This is what the article hopes to do. It is trying to explain the awesomeness of God with manmade reasoning. It’s impossible. 

This should humble us somewhat. We cannot see what we want to see. Regardless of how much we use our mind. Regardless of how much we try to use technology. We will always be limited by our failed attempts.

Again, this should bring us back to boosting in creation. Sadly, the article hints to evolution and an old earth and universe. So here’s to Time Magazine. Sometimes we all need awesomeness. Sometimes we need to write less and simply be in awe.


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