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Don’t Ruin the Game

After the Atlanta Falcons lost the NFC Championship game to the San Francisco 79ers a verbal argument between fans resulted in a stabbing.

The Falcon fan that was stabbed in the neck is recovering from his injuries. Thankfully nobody was killed, so I think it’s fair to ask, “What were they thinking!”

Sources like ESPN and Fox Sports have yet to confirm if alcohol was involved, but regardless fighting over a football game is dumb. Fighting is a part of the game though. I remember my first sports fight when I was younger.

It happened when I was playing high school baseball. Within 15 minutes of the game benches cleared and punches were thrown which only lasted thirty seconds.

The incident was a result of two competitive teams that wanted to win. However, there’s little excuse for people to fight when they aren’t involved in the game.

Unfortunately, nowadays it seems like fans place their whole identity in sports, especially football. Seeing your team lose a game is like seeing yourself lose. The stabbing is a perfect example of this. Tampers flared and sparks flied because two guys thought they were football players.

Instead of enjoying the game, these and other fans take it too serious. This is the dark side of sports. Fans go too far and don’t know how to control themselves. People like them ruin the game for everybody else.

It’s okay to shout for your team, but letting it evolve into violence is nonsense. I’m not blowing this out of proportion either. There are other several incidents in the past that escalated into violent acts.

Something needs to be done. Maybe instituting stricter security or limiting alcohol consumption is a start.


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