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No One Celebrates Abortion

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision which made abortion legal in America. I wouldn’t call it an anniversary though.

An anniversary is celebrated; abortion is like a dark cloud that we tried to ignore but wouldn’t go away. Sadly, 55 million abortions since 1973 has yet to change our current generation’s attitude towards abortion.

In fact, a recent study shows that the majority, for the first time, want abortion legal. It’s a shame to see the frailty of our government. Regardless of how much we think America is a “light on a shining hill” abortion statistics show otherwise.

The worst part about abortion is that we talk about it like a sporting event. We have the pro-choice fans and the pro-life fans. Both cheer loud, but both are losing. I feel sad though for one of these teams.

Take the pro-choice groups for instance. They argue that a woman has the right to destroy the seed growing in her stomach. Doesn’t that throw up any red flags? We are becoming more prideful and selfish to think we can advert the natural order of life.

It’s definitely a scary thought. We are trying to control every aspect of our lives. I see little fear of anything of the Divine. Instead there’s a lot of selfishness in our culture. We want our own happiness. We want laws that even justify our actions.

However, abortion for selfish reasons will never be right. Even if it’s considered legal I don’t see good coming out of it. Abortion won’t be fixed either if we continue to ignore it. We need to speak up and not just cheer for change. We need to do this for the sake of 55 million innocent unborn children and counting.

The dismembering of a human being routinely in 30 minutes on an outpatient bases – or any other way – is barbaric.

– John Piper, Theologian


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