Tweet Not Lest Ye Be Retweeted

Mainline Protestant Christians are becoming more divisive over politics nowadays even among other Christians. A perfect example of this happened when a popular pastor tweeted about President Barrack Obama’s faith.

The comments were first seen on Mark Driscoll’s Twitter feed during President Obama’s Inauguration on January 21, 2013.

Driscoll tweeted: “Praying for our president, who today will place his hands on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know.”

The controversy came when his post was retweeted by many. Soon others got in on the tweet and pointed out that Obama is a Christian. People like Driscoll disagreed thus starting a holy tweet war.

I’m writing this post to get it straight. Obama is a Christian or not? We all know for a short while Obama was accused of being a closet Muslim. Now that he professes to be a Christian people are questioning his Christianity.

Maybe this is problem. People like Driscoll think Obama is not a Christian. Ultimately, who are we to put leaders in a box. I’m sure Driscoll wouldn’t like it if I judged him by calling him a cussing hothead preacher.

Although I’ve heard these types of comments about him, I have yet to personally meet him or see his actions daily to label him as such. It wouldn’t be fair either to judge him based off his sermons.

I’m sure there are many sermons that are taken out of context. Likewise there are many speeches by Obama taken out of context. The last thing I want to do is judge someone based off an out of context speech or sermon.

Now I don’t know the intent of Driscoll’s tweet, but I think if we take it at face value then it looks pretty sarcastic. In my view, the worst part of the tweet was his ‘praying for the president’ part.

I mean if you are going to make a bold statement like saying the president doesn’t believe in God or the Scriptures then don’t clothe it with Christian lingo. Like our mothers say if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all.


3 comments on “Tweet Not Lest Ye Be Retweeted

  1. You are right the Christ condemned the religious fakes of his day, because he knew their hearts. Do we know Obama’s heart? He who knows cast the first comment.


  2. If being a Christian means (in lamen terms) a follower or disciple of Christ I would hardly say Obama follows or abides in the teachings and Spirit of Christ you don’t have to know the guy to make that judgement his actions and political character define him as operating in an anti-Christ spirit, Christ condemned the religious fakes and hypocrites of His day and I agree with Driscoll’s tweet. In my opionion how cam someone claim to know the Father yet blatenantly oppose the Son?


  3. This guy is my hero

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