The Real Reason Rob Bell Left His Church

There’s no question Rob Bell’s 2011 best-selling book Love Wins ruffled feathers within the Evangelical community. Pastors, like John Piper, labeled his work heresy and called him a universalist.

Bell denied the harsh critiques which eventually caused a split in his own church. The criticism also became too much for him and his wife. He admitted in an article with the New York in November 26, 2012 that it was best to leave, especially when his church size decreased by the thousands. 

The article also explains how members were constantly defending him. This isn’t healthy for any congregation. Two months after wrestling with the idea of leaving he said the following at the end of a sermon

You calm yourself, and you breathe deeply, and you open your palms, and you say, ‘O.K., God. Apparently, this is ending.”

He finally accepted the end and felt it was God’s work. This didn’t mean that his life ministry was over. In fact, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles. His friend and pastor Shane Hipps replaced Bell, but only months later Hipps departed.

Bell now stays away from teaching in big churches unless they invite him. Instead, he spends his time in not so popular churches sitting in the back with his wife.

Currently, he is working on another book and also teaming up with ‘Lost’ producer Carlton Cuse to start an experimental faith talk show.

Bell said in an interview with Christian Post, “My interest is in what’s true and where is the life and where is the heart and what inspires. And if that happens to stir up a few things, that’s something I accept.”

Written by Mark B.B. Aguirre


3 comments on “The Real Reason Rob Bell Left His Church

  1. I agree numbers should never be the determining factor in pastoral ministry.


  2. Success as a pastor is not measured in numbers.
    If his calling is to be a pastor then ‘feed the sheep’.
    Do not worry about numbers.


  3. Interesting


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