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Hip-Hop: Art or Entertainment?

If we want to change our culture we need to change our mind on hip-hop. Whether we like this music or not we must understand the importance of it.

Today, hip-hop has become a cultural identity due to its artistic appeal. To be apart of this culture you need to be musically inclined. That means listening to it takes skill and making it takes talent.

For some rapping sounds easy to do, but it takes creativity to put out a track that stays on beat and makes sense. Not everyone will agree if the final product is art, but I know everybody can respect the process of recording hip-hop music.

Now when it comes to the message and delivery of the rap then listeners start to divide. That is why hip-hop has many sub genres from Southern, West Coast and East Coast to conscience and religious hip-hop.

Personally, I hear musical art in each genre, but the message is the main problem. Some artists rhyme to be popular and others like to express their worldview in an entertaining fashion.

Rap and hip-hop that is deep and confessional is real musical art. This type of music does more than entertain. It makes you think. However, this isn’t popular for business.

Mainstream hip-hop is becoming the opposite of art. Corporate entertainment has produced shallow, repetitive, and simple songs. Unfortunately, hip-hop artist and rappers choose not to embrace the latter artistic ideas.

They think people will only buy garbage, which I think is biggest and lamest excuse ever! In the end, good and true art will always be appreciated. Something to keep in mind the next time you decide to make or listen to a rap or hip-hop track.

Written by Mark B.B. Aguirre


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