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Francis Chan and David Platt’s Message Distorted by their Medium?

A recent article Here Come the Radicals by Christianity Today labeled Francis Chan and David Platt as “New Radicals.” However the writer, Matthew Lee, questions the ways in which they are sending out their message.

A Doubting Thomas

For instance, Lee views Platt’s books as a for profit platform. He says that this can take away from his message which calls the church to stop living a business model and live a biblical model. This he feels will only add confusion and more doubt about how the church uses money.

Even though Platt and Chan have publicly acknowledged that profits from their books were giving away, Lee still advises them to stop making books. He says rather they should be out of the spotlight and trying to live their message.

Although his article does give Chan and Platt credit for taking a stand, his article comes off a bit pointless. We all know the church has faults. We all know Platt and Chan among others are proclaiming a bold message. So why bring it up unless you have a problem with it?

Choosing the Radical Way

Towards the end the writer hints at a concern that these radicals need to start living like radicals. This isn’t fair to either Chan or Platt. Chan left his church and is living in a poor area away from the church spotlight. Platt likewise is spreading the favorable wealth of his church to poor churches and to poor people around the world.

They are making a difference and practicing what they preach. It’s not their fault that they live in a super cyber area in which everybody is posting their messages online for the world to see. It’s not their fault that Christians own publishing companies and are willing to publish their message to the world.

Ultimately, there’s many things to complain about, so why complain about books? If this was Lee’s main agenda in the article it would have been better to go more in-depth of why it’s bad to sell books and use technology. That is worth reading.

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One comment on “Francis Chan and David Platt’s Message Distorted by their Medium?

  1. Platt’s message is radically true. We have turned a blind eye
    to the rest of the world who are bleeding profusely. I am glad he has faith and is leading Christians in the right direction to help those in other countries that are suffering. He has been there
    he knows the plight. March on brother Platt with God’s strength and for HIS glory.


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