“When Church Cultures Collide” Conversation

When church cultures collide then churches start to divide. Last year, pastor Eric Mason along with hip-hop artist, Lecrae, and former rapper, Trip-Lee, discussed this very topic. Their experiences are interesting to hear, especially when the pastor is able to break down their past experiences and provide an explanation for why American churches are divided by race.


3 comments on ““When Church Cultures Collide” Conversation

  1. Sure, simple is good but aren’t we suppose to love God with our mind also. He gave us the ability to think, so why not use it. Using “big words” doesn’t necessarily mean you think you’re better. It shows an interest in learning and reason. There’s nothing wrong with that. You shouldn’t be so quick to put others down.


  2. Lecrae keeps it simple. Pastor did not say anything I could understand. Pastor should not be concerned with intellectualism but let him be humble and reflect Christ. Thanks for airing a black artists true soul.


  3. Lecrae has the right idea. Let’s talk Bible. Bible is the word of God and converts the soul.


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