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A Do Good Wi-Fi Hotspot

This little wi-fi device will make big changes in how we do phone, data plans, and life. The device is called “Karma” and simply works as a wireless wi-fi hotspot which can connect up to eight devices. 

Besides looking slim and sleek, the router provides 100 mb of free wi-fi to any users that sign up for a Karma online account. After signing up the Karma owner also receives a free 100 kb to their account (some good Karma for you). 

This is currently the only wi-fi device in the world that doesn’t have any monthly or sign up fees. You do, however, have to pay for the device and for the internet data. The good thing is that the data never expires!

This is useful for the person who needs wi-fi on the go or in a favorite spot. If you do run low on wi-fi, just like you run low on gas, all you have to do is go to your online account and pay for more.

The founder, Steven van Wel, says that he has created an “honest” device that will eventually provide nationwide coverage. This means that more people will be able to connect.

With this affordable wi-fi hotspot, I could see a change in how cellular companies do business. The outrageous phone and data plans could be replaced by prepaid plans or by similar wi-fi hotspots. 

In the future, wifi hotspots like Karma will likely replace your cell phone. They will also make your home internet plans extinct just like the dodo bird landline. 


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