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Make Technology a Simple Necessity

“Beep, Boop, Bop.” Is Technology Taking Over My Life?

computer-power-buttonHere’s some words to my generation. I will try to control my technology. I can’t afford an uncertain future, because companies will continue to take advantage of me. They see the confusion in my eyes, but I sit back and watch them take my future. I must do something.

Technology is rapid and never-ending. This means products are getting more advanced, but companies are not stupid. They purposely hold back their best products, so they can gain more money off their next product release. Example, the new iPhone

If I owned a company like Apple, my best iPhone would stay on the market for years before I even think of a new one. The thought of putting a lesser iPhone on the market when I have a better one is ridiculous. I’ll admit I don’t understand our economic practices today, but being a consumer I do understand the trends of new products.

I look at this in many ways. If one analyzes the popular businesses in the world, what one finds are similar practices. The main practice is to gain the most revenue through ads, ads, and more ads. For example, movie trailers are spectacular. Trailers attract an audience, but sometimes the movies are duds.

Another example is the food industry. Everybody is hungry. Food is easily the most excessive ad in the history of mankind. I wake up think of food. Go to the kitchen and see ads on a store brochure. I grab a box of cereal showing me how great my cereal will be. I browse my Twitter and see more ads. Then I go to work and see a handful of billboards and food places ready to serve my never satisfied stomach.

These are two prime examples of how ads can rule my spending. In the same way, I don’t want technology to control my future spending. I want technology to provide me options. I don’t want to be enticed, or deceived into buying the next hi-tech product. Maybe this seems like a big cop-out. I am a man with a mind. I don’t have to cave into the temptation. I can fight it.

The way I fight it isn’t easy though. I’m currently on a quest to take control of my communication, mainly my texting, internet and calling habits. We once lived in a culture where we didn’t have cell phones. Now mostly everybody has one. It’s becoming mandatory. Even the government is offering programs for low-income citizens to get on a free phone plan

In a time where we want unlimited access and 24/7 connection, I just want the necessity. I don’t want to ditch all technology. Communication is important to me. Good technology, like the internet, is the primary way my generation communicates. I do, however, want my technology to be simple and not an obsession. 

I can do this by ridding myself of culture peer pressure and simplifying my technology. I don’t need the newest phone or data package by one of these big phone companies. I’d rather do research and find what I need, which is to live simple. 

Beware though, making technology a simple necessity isn’t for everybody. It’s a process and I’m slowly learning how to do this.

Yes, I’ll work to keep my cost down, my money free from contracts, and myself focused on daily needs. I don’t want to think about paying a bill when there’s a better deal in front of me. I want the ability to jump on every option and opportunity.

Of course, I would love unlimited access to the internet with minimal cost, but do I need it? The simple answer is no. I don’t need the internet everyday. I can power off. I can get some fresh air. I can talk to people. Yes, talk to people. It kind of goes like this.

Hello, my name is Mark. What’s your name?


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