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Dropped My Phone Carrier for the Internet

The great recession is over, but the damage is done. We now live in a recovery mode. I call this recovery mode a great regression, which is a turning back from excess to simplicity. This transitioning event is opening our eyes to newer ways to live.

Recently, I dropped a major phone carrier for the internet. It’s a no brainer for me. The internet is a carrier itself. It carries social media, pictures, email, storage, and even phone calls. It’s packed with the essentials to stay updated with work, family, and everything else. 

When I dropped my carrier, I decided to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi on my smartphone. Wi-Fi is the ability to connect to the internet using radio waves. Most smartphones already have this feature. This feature is great because you can download free or low-cost applications (apps) and use your smartphone like a miniature computer.

One download that is saving my butt is the app called “Pinger.” This app allows you to text and make calls with a Wi-Fi connection. If two people use Pinger then everything, including outgoing calls, is free. If only one person uses this app, there’s limited minutes and a small fee for more minutes. Fortunately, sending and receiving text messages are free across the board.

You don’t believe me? Go on the internet.

In fact, a simple Google search of “free calling”  will give you over 200 million results. This means free stuff is accessible. We just have to undergo the quest. The only bad part of switching to Wi-Fi is that Wi-Fi doesn’t go with you. Thankfully, I researched a free plan from T-Mobile called “Free Mobility.” 

First, you need to buy a tablet with a 3g/4g capability or a sim card tray. This basically means internet access apart from Wi-Fi. Some Tablets have them pre-installed with a T-Mobile sim card. After purchasing the tablet, activate it to get the free internet. The catch is the T-Mobile internet is limited to 200 megabytes (mb) of data. 

The good thing is the data recycles every month for the life of the tablet. In other words, if you run out of internet you will get the same data next month or you can purchase more data. With 200mb, internet is only good for light web surfing and emails. Personally, I use Pinger and check emails briefly. 

This was the only option that made sense without costing any cents. However, I don’t believe T-Mobile expects anybody to use this plan like me. It’s more of a promotional push to get customers to buy more data. The plan is a challenge but worth it. I hope to write another post about my experience with this plan.



One comment on “Dropped My Phone Carrier for the Internet

  1. It will take a pioneer to pave the way. Looking forward to your updates on this subject.


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