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Wake, Create, Recharge and Do It Again

Depending on your smart phone or computer, running several tasks at the same time can crash your gadget. In the same way, if we are doing too much in real life then your brain can crash. This is why we often feel so burned out. It’s a classic sign of a dead battery.

It’s happened to me in college. As a result, I changed my focus from goals to daily activities. This meant I gave up things that were beneficial for my career. I wanted to focus on what drives me, not what drags me. No doubt, I enjoyed the extra time. I learned something.

I learned how not to recharge after a burnout. I experienced another feeling of burnout after I graduated college. It felt similar to my college burnout. My body felt weak and my mind was running around in circles. It felt like I was running a marathon with no end.

The good news is that I didn’t give up on the marathon. I’m still in the race but not in first place. I’m okay with that though. I’m pacing myself and recharging at least one day out of the week. This is good to prevent further burnout.

Sometimes we can just work away and forget to rest. Resting is important, especially if you are working 40 or plus hours. If you don’t rest then the quality of your life will decrease and your relationships with people will diminish. 

There is, however, a thin line between staying productive and overworking. Sometimes we can stay busy to be busy. That’s an odd feeling, especially when you take pride in your work. You want to leave the day knowing you did something worthwhile. This is where recharging helps.

Recharging is what we all need. We want to create something good out of the week. Recharging allows us to continue to improve or clean up the next week, month, and year.

Likewise, in the ancient texts of a Hebrew book, we find a similar story. The Creator who created the heavens and earth in six days doesn’t stop there. He is an active and living Creator. Yes, He rested on the seventh day, but his work wasn’t done. He still moves and creates today. He hasn’t taken a permanent vacation from the universe. Instead, he is involved in daily life.

Although we don’t feel creative sometimes, we are His creation and bearers of His image. He is working in us. We are working in this world to “asah” which is the Hebrew word “to make.” It’s a cool unison of work. 

If you are burned out then know we have a Creator. We are His creation created to be like Him. In this new year, your creativity is brewing. Something authentic is to be created, but we must recharge with our Creator before we do so.


One comment on “Wake, Create, Recharge and Do It Again

  1. it seems like your writing is a way for you to recharge
    your article surely helps me recharge


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