Young Singer Distances Himself From Christian Industry

SPZRKTMany are calling him a sellout for fame and money. He considers himself a music artist for everybody. His name is Xavier Adams, 24, and he goes by the stage name Spazzy Rocket or “SPZRKT” for short. His goal is to break free from the Christian Hip-Hop scene and produce new content for all venues.

According to AllMusic.com, Adams got his start years ago with American Idol and other television shows. Although he didn’t make it far, he ventured online and produced free music. This music was picked up by the Christian Hip-Hop community.

Since then, he received recognition from Christian online sites like Rapzilla.com. Last year, he released his debut album on iTunes labeled “Bonfire.” One reviewer writes, “SPZRKT has created one of the best pop/R&B albums in Christian music.”

His creativity started at a young age. In a video interview, Adams says at age 12 he first experienced Christian music from a group called “Chosen Disciples.” 

“I didn’t know it was allowed,” explained Adams. “One of the guys in the group was my camp counselors…I wanted to rap and he encouraged me to do it.”

Being raised in a military family and attending church obviously influenced his content. He even witnessed notable views during a high school audition for singing. However, he didn’t want to pursue this, instead he wanted to rap. 

He later decided to focus solely on singing. In fact, today he is highly influenced by singers. In a 2013 interview with Rapzilla.com, he claims to be influenced by secular musicians. He says that he respects their song writing and listens to their perspectives.

“My favorite band is Arcade Fire. Then we go Kings of Leon, go to Coldplay,” he says. “They have something to say a lot of times, like, they think about stuff that us as urban writers don’t tend to think about when we’re writing.”

He admits in an open letter online that he will be leaving Christian Hip-Hop. He is grateful for the time he spent in the community, but he feels it isn’t for him. The music he wants to produce should be able to go everywhere and to everyone.

“I share your belief, but I do not belong to you,” he writes. “I share your heart for Jesus, but I am not YOUR artist, I am AN artist.”


2 comments on “Young Singer Distances Himself From Christian Industry

  1. I found him on Pandora and simply cannot stop playing his music. I respect his decision, but I hope he still acknowledges God in all his endeavors because God can easily take it away.


  2. Very interesting and well written article. I am not quite sure what he means by those lyrics. The LORD supplies us with gifts so that they may glorify HIM. If he intends to use the gift of music to glorify himself then he is in contradiction to the word of God. If he intends to use his gift to reach the world for Jesus then hallelujah.


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