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Free Apps for an Easier Drive

I feel for commuters. I commuted about two or more hours a day during my time in college. Since then I have explored many apps. Now I created a list of apps which will be useful for anyone’s next drive. The best part is that these apps are free. 


This app is designed by geek legends. When compared to other navigation apps, this one is by far the best. Other apps are…welll how do I put this. Let’s just say an app like “Navii” is PC and Waze is a Mac. In other words, this is the app other apps want to be. The best part, users can report cops. 


Who listens to the radio anymore? Well, this app isn’t technically the radio. It’s a radio, yes, but it’s connected to the internet and not your car antenna. The app plays radio stations from around the world or music from artist only you like. This comes in handy when you have exhausted your iTunes playlist. 

Chrome Browser

Of course, we all have an internet browser. Chrome, next to the Google app, is by far the fastest internet app. The best thing about Chrome is its voice control. Tap one button on the screen and say a command. It will read out what you are looking for. This is useful for those who are not updated to Siri or don’t want to rely on a talking robot for everything.

iTunes U

School is coming to you. When I downloaded this app, I was in shock. This is a great app if you find enjoyment in learning. The app provides teachings from the best schools in the world and allows you to listen or watch them. You want to hear a professor from Harvard? Download his lecture and bang. There you go. You are in class…opps…I mean you are in your car. Amazing. 

If you want more GPS-type apps then check out 10 Excellent Apps to Improve Your Commute.


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