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Guy Behind TAB

You can call me B.B. Aguirre. I am a “Digitalist” (Digital-Journalist) focusing on culture, faith and all things authentic. Currently, I’m working on a few writing projects and hope to release short experimental-documentaries and also a new eBook this year. Feel free to look around and follow.

The Idea

Digitizing the next authentic people, ideas, and cultures. 


TAB was established in 2010 as an online bulletin board for my family. TAB changed into a journalistic blog intended for all but geared toward ages young and up. January 17, 2011, January 2012, January 31, 2013 mark another transition for TAB.

Socially Active

Don’t forget to Like or follow for more content. Also, please share your thoughts under each post. I’ll do my best to respond.

Comment Policy

A. TAB is not responsible

  1. For any content or links posted in the comment section
  2. For any comments of hate or libel in the comment section
  3. For opinions expressed in the comment section
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(Ideas and writings above may be subject to change)


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