Free Apps for an Easier Drive

I feel for commuters. I commuted about two or more hours a day during my time in college. Since then I have explored many apps. Now I created a list of apps which will be useful for anyone’s next drive. The best part is that these apps are free.  Advertisements

The Next Journalism is Bright and Digital

Young Singer Distances Himself From Christian Industry

Many are calling him a sellout for fame and money. He considers himself a music artist for everybody. His name is Xavier Adams, 24, and he goes by the stage name Spazzy Rocket or “SPZRKT” for short. His goal is to break free from the Christian Hip-Hop scene and produce new content for all venues.

Wake, Create, Recharge and Do It Again

Depending on your smart phone or computer, running several tasks at the same time can crash your gadget. In the same way, if we are doing too much in real life then your brain can crash. This is why we often feel so burned out. It’s a classic sign of a dead battery.

My Month of No Service

Two days before my birthday, I decided to officially drop my phone carrier. In its place I decided to connect with something easier. That’s right, I’m using the internet of all things as a carrier. You might think I’m odd but think again.

Dropped My Phone Carrier for the Internet

The great recession is over, but the damage is done. We now live in a recovery mode. I call this recovery mode a great regression, which is a turning back from excess to simplicity. This transitioning event is opening our eyes to newer ways to live.

Make Technology a Simple Necessity

“Beep, Boop, Bop.” Is Technology Taking Over My Life? Here’s some words to my generation. I will try to control my technology. I can’t afford an uncertain future, because companies will continue to take advantage of me. They see the confusion in my eyes, but I sit back and watch them take my future. I must do something.

Writers Versus Texters

Lost Art of Writing: How to Remain a Writer Among a Text Culture If you are reading this you are participating in a culture of social media. Among this culture are those who text so much they think they are writers. They are what I refer to as ‘Textsters.”

The When and Why of Republishing My eBook 

I Am Creating an Extended Version My last eBook was self-published 2011, while I was still in college. Since then I have written several post on my blog but no eBook. Today, I’m happy to announce the dead writing era is over. Welcome back eBook and welcome back keyboard.

A Do Good Wi-Fi Hotspot

This little wi-fi device will make big changes in how we do phone, data plans, and life. The device is called “Karma” and simply works as a wireless wi-fi hotspot which can connect up to eight devices.