Working on the “Purpose” Documentary

“Purpose” Screenshot, a photo by TAB Shots on Flickr. Here’s a screen shot from the short celebration documentary project called “Purpose,” which is a video based off my brother’s script. It’s the first video where I’m not burden by the worries of school. I have a feeling this one is going to be an awesome […]

Shattering 5 Overly Righteous Attitudes in American Christianity

Recently I’ve heard pastors speak about a need for revival in America. But I wondered why they were talking about it when Christianity still needs to deal with some its overly righteous attitudes. Indeed, we can truly experience a revival in this country but only if our hearts are revived first.  

Pastor Leaving A Megachurch Should Be Admired

Being a young hip megachurch pastor is just the “in-thing” nowadays. Yes it’s trendy in big American churches, but what happens when the pastor leaves his church? What if he leaves to another ministry?

The Day A Van Ran Over My iPad

Few Dents and Scraps but My iPad is Still Working It was a cloudy day with a possibility of rain. I dragged my feet while conversing with my mom. We traded our favorite quotes we just heard from a fiery preacher. Unfortunately, we couldn’t remember them, so we decided to awake our foggy memories with […]

Love Truly Transcends

I am amazed by the revolutions which are spreading around the world. Even our nation continues to banner for change! However, does this generation really want economic and political change or are we seeking something else?

Lack of Grace In Immigration Debate

Immigrant Brother In Christ May Be Deported Reading countless stories of deportations has saddened me this Christmas season. Instead of hearing about joy, I hear the crying voice of injustice from thousands of men, women, and children who are separated and will never spend Christmas together.

America’s Flatline: Over 35 Years of Abortion Pt. I

Did you know over 50 million legal abortions have happened since 1973? Don’t worry I was in the same boat until last semester when two classmates and I decided to tackle this tough issue of abortion. The essay we wrote was titled Understanding Abortion in America’s Political and Social System.

Alabama’s Illegal Immigration Law Effects Everyone

Alabama’s Illegal Immigration Law Is Modern Day Racism This year the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Arizona, because their illegal immigration law, Senate bill 1070 (SB 1070), was racist and unconstitutional. However, since then, many states have drafted similar bills with Georgia signing one and now Alabama’s Republican Gov. Robert Bentley following suit.

Weakening of the Presbyterian Denomination

Opening the closet for gays and lesbians to become ordained ministers has sparked a small outcry from churches. Leaders of the Presbyterian denomination have mixed emotions about the decision that took place in Minnesota.