Is Christian Rap Too Flashy?

Hip-hop isn’t dead it just went corporate. As many rappers already know hip-hop was birthed by a beat and purposeful message. Today that idea is no longer a foundation of hip-hop. However, Christian rap is bringing credibility back, but one thing stands in its way – pride. Advertisements

Be in Awe: A Response to the New Hubble Telescope Galaxy Photo

Be in awe. Creation tells a story of a great Designer. There’s no randomness in this story only wisdom and awe. There are scientists who claim to know a better way. Creation is the better way. God the Creator is the better way. He created the billions and billions of galaxies that are seen in […]

College Students Use Music to Spread Faith

The life of a college student is packed with projects, papers, and classes. It’s hard to find time to do anything else. Despite this, one independent group of college students are challenging the norm by making music and spreading their beliefs through it.

The Rise of Christian Hip-Hop Part II

Expensive chains, lavish lifestyle and flashy clothes. They all dominate the culture of hip-hop. Despite this, Christian rappers are creating a counter-culture which offers creativity and passion. Although some say they carry too much religious overtones, Christian hip-hip artists like Lacrae, Trip Lee, and other independent rappers are showing that they too can become respectable hip-hop artist.

The Rise of Christian Hip-Hop Part I

Beyond the catchy lyrics and loud bass are people trying to make a difference in the world. They might not rap to the same tune of sex, drugs, or partying, but they still see hip-hop as a platform to share their message of hope.

Making Disciples in the Hood

DJ Retires Unique Vibe

Joey ‘Jetmore’ Chooses Stability Over Popularity Fixing his ball cap and chuckling to himself he said, “I’m just over it.” Former dj, Joey “Jetmore” Lease, said he considers himself retired. Although the glossy headphone design on his shirt reveals a remaining passion for music, he still believes it’s better to move on.

Identity Crisis of Christian Hip-Hop

It took me a week to write this. Inside I struggled between what I experienced and what I knew about hip-hop. Although I wanted to post a headline like “Next Big Movement in Christianity,” I couldn’t do it. Instead I kept asking myself this simple question: “What’s really going on?”