Young Singer Distances Himself From Christian Industry

Many are calling him a sellout for fame and money. He considers himself a music artist for everybody. His name is Xavier Adams, 24, and he goes by the stage name Spazzy Rocket or “SPZRKT” for short. His goal is to break free from the Christian Hip-Hop scene and produce new content for all venues. Advertisements

Wake, Create, Recharge and Do It Again

Depending on your smart phone or computer, running several tasks at the same time can crash your gadget. In the same way, if we are doing too much in real life then your brain can crash. This is why we often feel so burned out. It’s a classic sign of a dead battery.

“When Church Cultures Collide” Conversation

When church cultures collide then churches start to divide. Last year, pastor Eric Mason along with hip-hop artist, Lecrae, and former rapper, Trip-Lee, discussed this very topic. Their experiences are interesting to hear, especially when the pastor is able to break down their past experiences and provide an explanation for why American churches are divided by race.

Breaking the Secular and Sacred Divide (Video)

In this talk, hip-hop artist, Lecrae, talks to Liberty University about breaking the secular and sacred divide.

New TAB Tracks by Christon Gray, Taelor Gray, and Co Campbell

Francis Chan and David Platt’s Message Distorted by their Medium?

A recent article Here Come the Radicals by Christianity Today labeled Francis Chan and David Platt as “New Radicals.” However the writer, Matthew Lee, questions the ways in which they are sending out their message.

The Real Reason Rob Bell Left His Church

There’s no question Rob Bell’s 2011 best-selling book Love Wins ruffled feathers within the Evangelical community. Pastors, like John Piper, labeled his work heresy and called him a universalist.

Christian Rapper Gets an Applause from Secular Rappers

Andy Mineo recently featured in a New York cypher called Live From the Highest Rock. The freestyle event is called the “NBA of Uptown’s Hip-Hop.” Mineo was the only religious rapper to freestyle in the video. His debut album Hereos For Sale is set to release April 16th, 2013. If you haven’t heard his first single called “Ayo” […]

A Passion to Give

In a time much like today, where people are capitalizing on biblical messages, Moe Bergeron’s passion for spreading his beliefs lead him to start an online sermon site to be viewed by everybody for free. Check out out the mini-documentary called A Web Pioneer’s Wild Dream.

Tweet Not Lest Ye Be Retweeted

Mainline Protestant Christians are becoming more divisive over politics nowadays even among other Christians. A perfect example of this happened when a popular pastor tweeted about President Barrack Obama’s faith.