Young Singer Distances Himself From Christian Industry

Many are calling him a sellout for fame and money. He considers himself a music artist for everybody. His name is Xavier Adams, 24, and he goes by the stage name Spazzy Rocket or “SPZRKT” for short. His goal is to break free from the Christian Hip-Hop scene and produce new content for all venues. Advertisements

Beats By Aaron :: The Heart Behind the Music (Video)

Aaron Vance Magill,23, is a music artist and beat maker based in Salinas, California. Check out more of his content at:

New TAB Tracks by Christon Gray, Taelor Gray, and Co Campbell

Christon Gray Says His Father is a Great Role Model (Video)

Hip-Hop: Art or Entertainment?

If we want to change our culture we need to change our mind on hip-hop. Whether we like this music or not we must understand the importance of it.

Anthony Moonie: Not Your Typical Christian Rapper

  Adding to the increase of Christian hip-hop music this year with the likes of new albums by Lacrae, Trip Lee, KB, and Propaganda is a new face named Anthony “The One” Moonie. His album released in 2012 breaks the mold of what many view Christian hip-hop to be.

Is the Game a Christian Rapper Now?

The rapper “Game” or real name Jayceon Taylor enjoys the hip-hop scene. He doesn’t just rap about it, but he lives it. So how can he be a Christian? According to Game, he can be a Christian and still “remian himself.”

College Students Use Music to Spread Faith

The life of a college student is packed with projects, papers, and classes. It’s hard to find time to do anything else. Despite this, one independent group of college students are challenging the norm by making music and spreading their beliefs through it.

The Rise of Christian Hip-Hop Part II

Expensive chains, lavish lifestyle and flashy clothes. They all dominate the culture of hip-hop. Despite this, Christian rappers are creating a counter-culture which offers creativity and passion. Although some say they carry too much religious overtones, Christian hip-hip artists like Lacrae, Trip Lee, and other independent rappers are showing that they too can become respectable hip-hop artist.

DJ Retires Unique Vibe

Joey ‘Jetmore’ Chooses Stability Over Popularity Fixing his ball cap and chuckling to himself he said, “I’m just over it.” Former dj, Joey “Jetmore” Lease, said he considers himself retired. Although the glossy headphone design on his shirt reveals a remaining passion for music, he still believes it’s better to move on.