Major Immigration Reform in the Works

Senators have agreed to a blueprint for immigration reform which would include border security, employment verification, and a pathway for citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in America. These changes, if enacted, would rewrite our current immigration laws which have become controversial. The President is to lay down immigration legislation also that is said […]

Mount Rubidoux Cross is Safe

No need to worry. The iconic Mount Rubidoux cross will not be taking down. Instead it will be auctioned off to a private buyer in a public auction.

BIOLA Takes a Stand: Sues Obama Administration for Contraceptive Mandate

Biola University is suing the Obama administration over new rules within the health care bill, which were signed into law last year in August.

Huge Fire Plows Through Riverside

The fire burned hundreds of acres and one home. Currently, the fire is said to be only 20% contained, and there are no explanations for why it started. Source: Latimesblog

Hundreds of Supporters at Chick-fil-a

The cows are definitely pleased today as many around the nation are choosing chicken instead of meat. It’s called the national Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, which made its way to Riverside.

Former UCR Graduate Behind the ‘Dark Night Rises Massacre’

James Holmes, 24, is now in custody and is not speaking. However, many witnesses are speaking up about the shooting which took place in Colorado at the premiere of Dark Night Rises. Some of the movie-goers explained how Holmes unleashed tear gas 15 minutes into the movie allegedly during a shooting scene. What happened next […]

Tough Economy Continues to Hit Homeless Hard

Homeless Families May Experience Another Decrease in Welfare California’s homeless are seeking help in local welfare programs, but this help could run out if Gov. Jerry Brown goes through with budget cuts. According to LA Times, Brown “wants to reduce [welfare] by about $1 billion.” This cut is aimed specifically at CalWorks which is a […]

America’s Deportees Trapped in Tijuana

Undocumented immigrants are facing serious and tragic problems today. This short video from NYTimes reveals the harsh lives of those who have no identification. They have become the marginalized and are being taken advantage of by both the United States and Mexico.

Breaking News: Patriot High School Parking Lot Shooting

Jurupa Valley deputies reported a shooting in the parking lot of Patriot High School this morning in which two non-student adults, man and a woman, were found on the ground next to a weapon. The woman was immediately rushed to Riverside Community Hospital, but the man was pronounced dead on scene. Although the authorities are […]

Pachappa Little League Coach Allegedly Caught Sexting to a Minor

A man name Anthony Ray Sedillo was hand-cuffed last Wednesday after a report came in on Monday alledging he sent naughty text messages to a girl who volunteers at Pachappa Little League in Riverside. The Press Enterprize claims that Sedillo’s bail was set at $50,000, and the article further explains that Sedillo had “intent” of […]