Short Stories

What’s His Name?

There was an old poor man in a far away country. He lost his family, his wife and children. Although his friends tried to comfort him, the old man never spoke a word. Weeks, months, and years soon past. His friends started to neglect him because of his unpleasant appearance. One by one his friends […]

Caesar Comes Home

Caesar was on the verge of tasting a dream. The smell of sweat and dirt was the smell of success. He knew happiness awaited him. His discipline and hard work was paying off. He followed his heart and stayed away from selfish pursuits. Now he was getting what he deserved. He was getting a million […]

The Rusty Old Bus

The day was Christmas, and it was outcast with the wind whistling against the stained windows. I could not talk. I could not move. Everything around me was so alive, but I could only feel heat. The heat came from the fireplace, which quickly brought back a memory. It starts like this.