Christian Rapper Gets an Applause from Secular Rappers

Andy Mineo recently featured in a New York cypher called Live From the Highest Rock. The freestyle event is called the “NBA of Uptown’s Hip-Hop.” Mineo was the only religious rapper to freestyle in the video. His debut album Hereos For Sale is set to release April 16th, 2013. If you haven’t heard his first single called “Ayo” […]

A Passion to Give

In a time much like today, where people are capitalizing on biblical messages, Moe Bergeron’s passion for spreading his beliefs lead him to start an online sermon site to be viewed by everybody for free. Check out out the mini-documentary called A Web Pioneer’s Wild Dream.

TAB’s Top 10 Christian Rap/Hip-Hop Music Videos of 2012

The year is finally coming to an end, so I wanted to close the year off on a positive note. I decided to make a top ten list of music videos in the genre of Christian rap/hip-hop.

Chan’s Continual Frustration with the Christian Church

Also, watch Francis Chan dethrone the idea of Christian stardom in this new video called why authentic leadership matters.

‘Now I’m Found’ Short Video Documentary

This is a new short video documentary about the up and coming Christian hip-hop group Tongues of Fire from Pomona, Calif. Shout out to Aaron Vance Magill for letting me interview him and Javi G Christstarr for letting me film the concert. Everybody feel free to comment or leave questions. Peace.

Aaron’s ‘Passion For Praise’ Photo Documentary

I wanted to reach out through this praise through this form of communication to God to other people and to share my testimony, which I know is powerful.”

Recap Video: Man-Up LA Concert

The night was summed up in two ways: bold bass and energetic encouragement. First, I felt my generation was present in the LA venue as many were familiar with the melodies, especially the crowd by the front stage.