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Short Stories

Caesar Comes Home

A hard working minor league baseball player is offered his dream to play professionally. Unfortunately, his grandmother is diagnosed with cancer at the same time. As a result, he begans to rethink marrying the woman he loves to care for his grandmother and little brother, Carlos. His plans quickly change after a heart wrenching phone call to his fiancée.

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The Rusty Old Bus

An agonzing memory about a teenager’s best friend upsets him during Christmas. He becomes overwhelmed by the amount of regret he is experiencing. However, instead of forgetting about the painful thought, he quickly embraces the moment as a way to honor his friend.

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My First Short Story

After barely surviving Afghanistan, Andy Chavez, a United States Marine, is giving the news of his wife’s deportation to Mexico. Read on to find out if Chavez can save his wife on time.

You can now read The Battle Past Dusk online for free. Those who read it please leave a short review on Amazon or Smashwords.



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